Are we human?  Or are we digital screens?  Before we all turn into robots with chips embedded into our brains, will we be able to manage the overwhelming bombardment of devices that have taken over our lives?  The documentary, "Screenagers", talks about cyber addiction and if it's possible to balance our lives and maintain sanity in the digital age.

For certain, we cannot live without our devices.  Literally our lives are in our phones or our computers.  Everything is at a super-fast pace, and still we look for faster ways to do things, to make our lives more convenient.  It's this infinite quest to be better, faster and smarter. 

For those of us born into the digital generation, there seems to be no significant distinction between what we see on screen and what we see in real life.  I wonder if some us can even make the distinction between a fake/special effects video and real life.  

Having a smartphone is such an easy way to escape reality, or escape an uncomfortable human interaction.  We're really starting to avoid physical human connection more and that's just sad.

On the other hand, we know that the digital age has produced unbelievable productivity and important connections around the world, improving and even saving lives...but at what cost.


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